Personal information protection policy of customers

We are committed to keeping the information provided by the Customer during the.access process confidential Website Please read the “Policy to protect personal information of customers” below before accessing other better understand the commitments we make, to respect and protect your rights. guest.

a) Purpose of collecting personal information:

  • The collection of customer information such as full name, phone number, email,.entered by you in the “Registration” or “Contact” section in order to communicate with customers to capture their interests and aspirations.customers to consult the best design services and construction plans for customers.

Personal information protection policy of customers

  • We may collect information from you from accessing the website through.the use of “Google analytics”. This is a tool that allows to record data about the number of visits to items or products introduced on the website as well as the level of interest of customers to products, services. The information we collect is not related to your personal information user. We only use these parameters to monitor and improve site performance website,.in order to make it easier and more convenient for you and your customers to.access is different. – Cookies: through the use of Cookies, we collect and analyze the IP addresses used used to connect.your computer to the internet; computer and connection information such as a browser and browser version;.operating system; date and time and the URLs brought to our website.

Personal information protection policy of customers

  • Cookies cannot access or manipulate data on your computer’s hard drive. Pine You can usually set up your browser to disable cookies or notify you know when cookies are sent. You are still welcome to visit the website when you disable cookies, but we will not be able to provide products and services suitable for you and we also reserve the right to refuse your requests when in doubt suspected breach of our security.

b) Scope of information use:

We collect and use your personal information for appropriate purposes such as consulting, exchanging and fully complying with the content of this “Customer Information Collection and Privacy Policy”.

c) Information storage time:

There is no time limit, except for the case that you send a request to us to request cancellation by mailing directly to the Company’s address or by calling or emailing the address shown on this website.

Personal information protection policy of customers

d) Persons or entities that may have access to such information:

We only share collected information in necessary cases and in accordance with the law to the following agencies, organizations and individuals: (i) Third parties with services integrated with the website https:/ / or a third party that we trust will fulfill the set objectives in collecting Customer’s personal information; (ii) Market research unit; (iii) Competent state agencies.

e) Address of information collection and management unit:

Personal information protection policy of customers

f) Methods and tools for consumers to access and correct their personal data on the e-commerce system of the information collecting unit:

If you want to correct or update personal information such as full name, email address, phone number, you can contact us by phone number 02583 516 939 – 0868 739 979; Send a letter to the email address or send the request in the contact section on the website (The following link is available he/) to ask us to update new information.

Please read the Policy carefully and contact us before making a transaction. Thank you!

Personal information protection policy of customers

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