Payment methods

First of all, ACP Architecture Construction Joint Stock Company would like to send our best wishes and best regards to our valued customers and partners!

Wishing our customers and partners much health, happiness, success and prosperity!

Here, we would like to send   to customers about Payment Methods!

Payment method when signing a contract for consultancy, design or construction of works.

The buyer and the seller sign a contract, which contains payment terms, and the payment method includes two methods: cash payment or bank transfer.

In case of cash payment:

The buyer pays the seller in cash, the seller confirms the payment with a fully signed and stamped receipt. The receipt has 2 copies: the buyer holds one, the seller keeps one.

In case of payment by bank transfer:

+ Buyer transfers to the following bank account number: 0061 0011 00608

+ Account name: ACP Construction Architecture Joint Stock Company

Bank name: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam-Khanh Hoa Branch

+ Transfer content: according to the main content agreed in the contract

+ Buyer receives money transfer documents at the Bank, Seller will provide additional payment confirmation receipt with full stamp to Buyer.

Payment amount: according to the agreed amount stated in the Contract.
Payment currency: Vietnam Dong (VND)

Payment methods

ACP Architecture and Construction Joint Stock Company would also like to send our most sincere thanks to our customers, partners and colleagues who have been accompanying, trusting and supporting us during the past time.

Wish the cooperation more and more durable and together succeed, develop!

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